Woo Hooo flipping good news

A few weeks ago while idly scrolling through my Twitter feed, I noticed a promoted tweet that looked a lot more interesting than the usual fare,

Two things in it really caught my eye. The first was that it was from element14.  They are better known in the U.K for their Farnell and CPC brands of electronic component suppliers, the cool and interesting thing is that they are one of the main distributor of the Raspberry PI computer which if you don’t know is a Credit card sized computer which was originally aimed at bringing computer literacy back to U.K schools but has gone wild amongst all sort of technology interested people.

The other cool thing that it mentioned was the Adafruit name. This will be a lot less well known outside more Geeky circles. AdaFruit is the company run by Limor Fried aka Ladyada to quote from her website “… create the best place online for learning electronics and making the best designed products …”

That Promoted Tweet had good provenance so well  worth a click in my book.  Turns out it was promoting a Element14 road test challenge.   Basically eight lucky people would receive a free AdaFruit Flora kit.

The AdaFruit Flora is a Arduino compatible wearable electronics platform.  To get the chance to test out one of these kits I had to submit a idea on how I could use the Flora to build a project to bring people closer.

After a think, I decided the kit would be ideal for a museum based project to prototype ideas around theme of liking exhibits,showing that you have liked them so others can see your thoughts. My thoughts are that this will bring people closer by starting conversations and debates between people who have similar or opposing views.

I’ve already started having a think about some ideas, some good and some really stupid (Lick to like - show your appreciation by licking a sensor, euugh! no thanks)

I receive my kit soon and will be blogging about the project on the element14 website. No doubt it will get a good few mentions here as well and i probably won’t shut up about it on Twitter 


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