Time for a good storyboard

Well it might not be a good storyboard but its my storyboard and i’m sticking to it (Unless somebody points out a big mistake and I change it)

I have annoted each step but will put the text under each photo in case you can’t read my really bad handwriting.


Visitor walks up to a museum. Their ‘Heart on the sleeve’ is flashing randomly to show that they aren’t currently in a museum.

But as they get closer the gps chip detects that they are going into a museum or gallery that works with ‘Heart on the sleeve’ and all the LEDs go out.


As the visitor walks into the gallery that has been assigned to be ‘blue’ just the corresponding blue LEDs Flash on/off


Detected by GPS,internal wi-fi positioning both passive to visitor or if not possible then touch a coloured panel in the gallery


Objects in the Gallery all have a label on them that is a shade of the gallery colour


One or Two things can happen when object is liked, its individual LED will light up and the more objects that are liked in a gallery the brighter the centre Gallery LED will get.


The centre gallery LED is independent and can be lit by a gallery panel


Museum is full of people displaying what they like.


Not sure of mechanism,need to think.

And then displayed online in a cool way.

And that it a brief walk through of what ‘Heart on your sleeve’ actually does. complete with my Star People

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