This week in Wearable Tech.

Couple of interesting articles caught my eye this week, both about the growth of wearable technology This BBC Article  focuses primarily on how wearable technology will benefit businesses and the numerous advantages it could bring.

The quote “Recent research by US cloud technology company Rackspace found only 6% of businesses had provided such devices to their staff."  Intrigued me.

Would like to know how they are defining “wearable technology and which businesses  as to me 6% seems quite a high figure for  companies to be providing technology of this type to their staff, given that devices such as Google glass are still very much in the infancy.

The whole article did seem to concentrate on Glass type devices probably as those are the most prominent at the moment.

This Article as well as looking at the projected growth of the wearable technology market (Value predicted to be $6 Billion by 2016)  It features an interview with Christian Defeo of element14 talking about the AdaFruit Flora Wearable Challenge, and how it fits into the growth of wearable computing.

My project even gets a mention at the end.



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