Things I noticed yesterday

Had a visit from my mum yesterday.  We had a trip out east to Valence House Museum at Barking. My mum has been doing local history research on the Fanshawe Family, who at various times lived at Tankersley in South Yorkshire and  in Barking.  Valence House has a large collection of portraits of the Fanshawe family.  My mum wanted to see the ones on display and see if she could learn some more about the Fanshawes.

Really enjoyed the museum. I learnt that the Whalebone that is in Corsets isn't actually whalebone but Baleen and that Barking school children in early victorian times  were given Beer to Drink . Probably because the water was polluted.

Outside the museum there is a sculpture of a Ford Capri . These were made at Ford Dagenham  not far from Barking.  My dad had a Beige Capri in the early 1980's. It was the 1st car I can remember our family having.  In the 80's it was one of the coolest cars to have.  Starsky and Hutch might have driven a Ford Gran Torino, but on British Telly the Professionals always chased the bad guys down cardboard box littered alleyways in a silver Ford Capri.

Ford Capri sculpture

The Capri is made of mild Steel and is rusting naturally.  The Dagenham plant declined and has finally  closed but not only did it produce cars but indirectly lead to the Equal pay act after the 1968 Sewing machinists strike .

Later on in the day after saying goodbye to my mum I had an urge to go to a bookshop, so made my way to Waterstones on Goodge Street.  Walking past Euston Road Church I noticed these lovely ladies for the first time.  EustonRoadChurch1



They look like oversized chess pieces. I imagine them occasionally coming to life and  animated in a Ray HarryHausen style .


And finally from the big to the small.  I saw a button so I pressed it.  All it did was light up the sign a little bit.  I was hoping for so much more. At the very least I wanted it to light up the 'You are here' label but ideally it would open up a portal to another world or be the entrance to a TARDIS.





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