The most important thing I ever learnt at school - Look Up

I Learnt a lot of stuff at school,some of it stuck in my head,some of it escaped as soon as it got the chance.

I think sometimes they were having a laugh with the stuff they taught us. Teaching that the Earth and all the universe was made millions of years ago in the big bang one lesson then teaching that God made the Earth and all the universe not that long ago in 6 days a couple of lessons later.Probably hoping we would have forgot what the last teacher taught us.

And while we are on the subject of Science it turns out that whole electrons orbit the Nucleus like planets orbit the Sun is a bit shaky to say the least as well.

But I don’t actually think any of the proper formal subjects we were taught was the most important thing I ever learnt at school. It was taught well before it came time for GCSEs,exams and all the stress of worrying about what would come after school.

It was either the 1st or 2nd year and we were doing a project called ‘our city’ where we had to explore our city and do different art and writing projects about it.

To help with this they took us into the city for a day a we took part in several activities.One of these was to walk around and look up at the buildings. When I say look up I mean actually look up,look above the facades of the High street stores and look at the actual buildings themselves,look at the different architecture,look at the interesting features unique to a particular period,style or individual building.

It didn’t really sink in much at the time,but that is often something I do whenever I am in a new place. A lot of towns and cities are far more interesting if you just look above the ordinary and familiar.

I’ve also come to realise the Look Up can be more of a metaphor for life in general.  Before coming to the Science Museum I had fallen into a really dull job that I hated.  It was only looking up above the familiar facades of the industry and job role I was in that I could see an escape.

Looking up created the opportunity but also gave me the skills to take it. Doing online courses,reading art,design,science and  technology blogs meant I had some of the skills that were needed so was able to show that even though I didn’t have any museum experience I would be a good bet for the job.

Now I still read the blogs and do the courses but living in London has opened up a all new world of lectures,exhibitions,meetups . In the last few weeks i’ve been to London Geek Girls Dinners,Internet of Things meetup, a lecture on Arab navigation and tonight a exhibition of biomimetic Robots.  All of these things aren’t necessarily directly connected with the work I do or the technology I am interested in but talking to different people,finding out about different things can shed new light and insights on things and get me thinking about things in different ways.

So yeah any time you are in a new place I really recommend that you Look Up.

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