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Cuts,Cuts and more cuts

So today you may have seen stories like this one

Science Museum Group says cuts put museums at risk and http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2013/jun/05/science-museum-northern-outposts-threat-closure  Both of which seem pretty fair and well balanced but there have also been articles like this one:  Outrage as iconic Northern museums face closure to save London Science Museum   With comments in it like “Insane that a London based organisation may be allowed to destroy 3 magnificent Northern Treasures.” and ““Something like 90 per cent of the funding for art galleries and museums goes into London already. It’s an extraordinary amount.”

Last Financial year visitors to the Science museum passed the 3 million mark for the first time ,Numbers are also up at Museum of Science and Industry, and the Railway Museum. Yet as the article on the BBC and guardian sites and the interview with the Director Ian Blatchford says the money from Government has been cut and is likely to be cut even more.  So the Science museum as a group  has been doing more with less.

Before I started work at the Science Museum I never realised how much thought and hard work goes into all the new exhibits and how much hard work there is that never gets seen by the public.

I work in an office with Content developers who are real Proper Scientists whose job is to turn difficult Scientific and technical concepts into  short passages of  text and images that won’t bore or overwhelm the visitors but hopefully will give them a much better understanding of this crazy world we live in, the technology that impacts our lives and what makes our own bodies work.

The New Media Department that I work in helps the content developers and  Curators bring to life ideas and concepts that can’t be expressed in words and picture alone by getting creative and as I said in a previous post Bringing the Rainbow but never forgetting the message.

Then all of the exhibits we install have to be kept operational and safe by our A.V and mechanical maintenance  teams and as the museum is open 10am - 6pm 364 days a year plus many days we open later and for that is no mean feat.

So this is the point that it gets political, Sorry.  The Science museum isn’t going to be closed down to save money as it is controlled by an act of parliment The 1983 National heritage act which sets out what the Board of Trustees must do so without changing that, which I can imagine would be massively complex and messy and would be a such a bad P.R move for the government I can’t imagine that even David Cameron would be stupid enough to do that.

However I get the feeling that the Government knows this and also knows that the other museums are located in the North of England, an area of which the Conservatives don’t have a good historical record of giving a stuff about.

So I really hope that people in Manchester,Bradford and York aren’t thinking that the Science Museum in London is some evil entity intent on destroying their museums because it is nothing like that.  People who work in Museums love museums, its not a competition thing, no other museum benefits if one closes.  I don’t know what will happen if the Government spending cuts go through, I don’t know if I will still have a job or what the effects will be in our office,the Science museum London or the group as a whole but I do know one thing and that is the reason for the possible cuts aren’t down to decisions made in South Kensington but decision made in Westminster.