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Glue everywhere

When I was young something i enjoyed for a while was building airfix kits, little model planes. Think my parents bought me one because it was a wet day,I was off school and had nothing to do.  Surprisingly it was really enjoyable to make.  Following  the instructions, taking the pieces of the plastic frame in order and then glueing them together into a finished model. When I made it, I was so proud, that i had completed the entire thing from start to finish, It looked fantastic.

Later on i started painting the models, buying several tiny pots of paint for each model, painting the plastic components while they were still on the frame, then carefully assembling them.

I can’t remember how long I did this hobby for. Maybe two or three years and made around 10 - 15 models, so I wasn’t massively obsessed and it wasn’t a massive passion just a hobby.  At some point I do remember looking back at the the first model I made,  comparing it with my later ones that were neatly painted, no visible glue,decals carefully applied, it was terrible,glue smeared everywhere, parts not aligned correctly, not painted, looked awful and certainly wouldn’t fly.

Guess what I am saying is, don’t be afraid to do something, take pride in your work, make the best you can.  When you look back at it in a few years time it you may think that your early work was a stinking mess but you need to to go through that practise to be able to make the good stuff. Make stuff that is rubbish and realise that its a step on the way to making the good things.

I know that a lot of the stuff i’m doing at the moment is covered in glue and its got a long way to go but I still need to do it,