Show and Tell Friday (Part 2)

Right now onto the part where I get the Twilio part of the App working. I had already signed up for the service. The sign up is free and there it is possible to test your App using a test number along with a PIN, sadly for SMS apps this only works in the U.S. So i paid the $20 and  chose the number that I wanted to use.

There isn’t much to write about the Twilio part of the code I just used the Replying to text messages  quickstart guide as an example, output the training schedule in place of "<?php echo $name ?>, thanks for the message! ” then ready to test.  I had to tweak the code in my php that limited the output to 160 characters as it wasn’t working properly (I said it was a hack) Twilio won’t send the message if it goes over 160 characters rather than send the incomplete message, but it does give a message on the Developer console.

So thats it then, simple App working, could do loads more with it but done what I wanted to do, brushed up on my php, learnt how to interact with Google Calendar and explored a coll communications platform. Happy Days

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