Same old blog, New Title

I changed the title of this blog. Why? Because I wanted to,that’s why. Why bring the rainbow?

I went to museums showoff last night and Kat Nilsson who is the head of Contemporary science at the Science museum gave a talk about how a lot of modern scientific objects that are offered to the museum are boring grey boxes.

A lot of the objects do quite incredible things but they aren’t always the most interesting to look at, this is where new media come in to help bring the objects to life and help with the interpretation of the objects.

This made me think a bit. When I started this blog I was in a different place to where I am now in my head. I was thinking a lot about what I was doing with my life and where I was going, both literally and physically.

Now I am much happier and have a much better idea of what I want to do both now and in the future so I decided to have a change.

I decided that bring the rainbow pretty well sums up the idea of turning the grey boxes into something more interesting, enlightening and well just more colourful.

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