Odd signs or my odd thoughts

Sometimes I like to walk around London just looking at things. Its an amazing place, there are people from all over the world. Some of the buildings are brand new,some hundreds of years old.  I like the slightly quirky things, the things that area little odd. These three signs I saw recently in different places are all examples of words that aren't quite right or could be interpreted in different ways.  Maybe they are odd or maybe its just me that looks at them and has odd thoughts.

Anyway here they are,make up your own mind.


I don't understand how to use this door. It has to be kept shut when it is used
I've never thought of a Plaice as stunning before
Warning of minimum Card value and the Social media



I'm an Adult I can play on the scaffolding



And in case you were wondering what a Plaice looks like here is a photo of one


a Plaice

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