New MacPro will ship soon in new Colour: iBlack

Insider sources close to Apple have confirmed that the new MacPro will be shipping in a brand new shade of black. 

Until now it was assumed that the of black was the same as the black  that previously used in both models of the iPhone and the earlier black Macbooks.

it is thought the iBlack has been in development for several years but it is only now that the Chinese factories have been able to reliably produce the iBlack in volume.

No further details are known about iBlack at this time but it is rumoured to make Mac Pro owners at least 10% more cool yet only 3% more smug.

Apple declined to comment at this time.

Mac Pro




OK, got to admit it.  the first part of this post is entirely made up.

 I have no idea if there is anything special about the colour the new Mac Pro will be available in, I seriously doubt it. 

I wanted to write this blog post to illustrate something that has been bugging me for a while now, that a lot of so called technology news stories on blogs and news sites are just fluff.

My entirely fictitious Mac Pro story is not too dissimilar to this story about the colours of the upcoming Samsung Watch  or the possibility that the next iPhone will be available in Graphite

Many stories that a posted as technology are really business or politics, entertainment or fashion  or  just plain  general interest.  I’m not saying they shouldn’t be reported but don’t pretend they are about the technology. 

Technology is all around us and plays a large part in all our lives.    There are a lot of people developing genuinely innovative products and solving problems in interesting and creative ways.  Its these stories I want to see posted mainstream technology websites to bring them to a wider audience not how many followers Justin Bieber has 

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