Names and learning stuff

Was chatting to one of my colleagues this morning. She mentioned that the DVLA had screwed up her driving licence application and put both her names as last names.

This meant that she couldn’t log in to the form on the website, which was causing all sorts of hassle to get sorted out.

At first glance,its probably easy enough to think, well surely the system can be programmed to always have a  first name. Until a few days ago I would have said the same thing but then found this blog post.

The comments on that page are a lot more reasoned and thought out than the average youTube “You is Stupid” sort of respone and one of the commenters asked for examples of number 40. People have names .

Patrick the Author responded with ;

Someone born into slavery in the Sudan, a woman born in rural China, an American baby recovered after being born into a toilet, a feral child, an amnesiac, etc, etc. go here for more info.

The first two especially struck me as being really powerful. Not having a name because you are born a slave  or a woman in rural China makes our frustrations at not been able to log on to our governments online Driving licence registration system pale in comparison.

It also struck me as interesting that I’d started reading an article about name validation and U.I design and ended up thinking about human rights

So the next time you hear one of those funny computer says no  (its little Britain so bit of NSFW video)  stories in the news its worth remembering that this stuff isn’t as simple as it might seem at first.

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