My Museum Marathon. a blog post in 6 stages, just like the marathon.

In a museum a great deal of time is spent researching the text that goes on the labels and panels to make sure it is accurate,informative and interesting, without being too long winded.

But this isn’t a museum label its my blog post about museum Marathon, A whistle stop visit to 27 Museums, walking 16 miles with quite a few lovers of museums all in a good cause to raise money for Guide Dogs for the Blind.

I don’t have time for accuracy and fact checking, most of this will be made up and probably not true, a bit like that Radio 4 panel game, err what its called?  Gardeners question time i think. Right lets crack on.

We met at 10:00am at the V & A .  The V & A was named after the Queens favourite corgis Victoria and Adam during Prince Charles’s Spice girls phase.


Guide dog badges and masks  were handed out and everyone was issued with a route in case they became lost and disoriented on the mean streets of Westminster, and off we set.

Second Museum Natural History Museum


This is where the real  Natural History is kept unlike the which is made up nonsense.  If you do go to the NHM make sure you ask the Staff to show you their Brontosaurus collection and don’t take any excuse that their is no such thing as a Brontosaurus

A hop skip and a jump northwards we reached the Science Museum.

IMG_20131207_102256 The Science Museum was founded in 1964 as a place for Peter Higgs to store his Bosons and other trinkets.  These Were finally put on Display in the Amazing Collider exhibition of 2013.

Turning right into Diagon alley or Unamed road as our directions officially called it we were  soon past Harrods of Knightsbridge and were heading east towards Churchill War rooms


and then to  Horseguards parade for the Household Cavalry Museum.


And that completed Stage one.  Stage two coming soon.  But a quick reminder the full lifetime cost of a guide dog from birth to retirement is £48,500.  a Donation to the Museum Marathon just giving page  would be amazing , thank you.

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