Museum Marathon - Stage six, thats that then

This is it, the sixth and final instalment of the mighty quest that was the inaugural Museum Marathon.  We left 19 Princelet street much cheered and ready to take on the last stage.  Heading south down Brick lane,famous for its curry houses says Wikipedia. Then turning onto Whitechapel Road past the Whitechapel Gallery.  I went to the Sarah Lucas exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery a few weeks ago.  It has a lot of Cock and toilets, if you like Cock or toilets you might like the exhibition otherwise i'd give it a miss.

The light was beginning to fade as we passed The Tower of London and headed over Tower bridge taking in the aromas of London's fine chocolate peanut vendors.



We had to take a bit of a diversion to get to the Design Museum but the chance to have a sit down on the bench was worth it.



Not far now.  Past HMS Belfast ( No photo, its a big grey boat with guns  on the Thames, you can't miss it )

And this is it our final destination Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.



There wasn't any medals or those silver foil capes but we did go to the pub which was nice.

So as is now traditional and for one last time.  I would like to remind you that twenty five or so people walked 16 miles ish and took in somewhere between 26 and 30 museums ( The museum of maths and accuracy wasn't one of them) to raise money for Guide Dogs for the Blind.  So a few pounds donated at the Just Giving page would be Amazing,Lovely and splendid you lovely people.


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