Museum Marathon Part 3 - British Start to Finish

Last weekend was the Centenary of the first Suffragette March.  I know this because we had a Genuine suffragette Marching with us, which seemed to scare the British Museum  Security Staff a little. But no matter we had Cake thanks to David Mentipily's mum.

IMG_20131207_113615That is the Lovely Diana Pitchers. If you want to know why she dressed up read her blog post about the Museum Marathon 

And onwards to the Brunei SOAS gallery



Sorry about the Dull photo of the Brunei SOAS gallery. it gets even worse at the Grant Museum of Zoology, I didn't take any photos at all. So here is a photo of the @glassJarOfMoles that reside there



Back to the Dull photos. Here is a dull photo of the Wellcome Collection


The Wellcome Collection has awesome events and exhibitons so make sure you go there some time.

And to the British Library to see the World renowned Plastic Sheep.


No I don't know why there are plastic sheep grazing on artificial grass either.

But I can reveal I had a Ploughmans Sandwhich for my Lunch and that there were over 850 Guide Dog partnerships trained in 2012.  If you want to contribute donate to the Museum Marathon Just Giving Page 


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