Museum Marathon - Episode iv a New Hope

If you ever wondered what the philanthropist Thomas Coram, the artist William Hogarth and the composer George Frideric Handel have in common its the Foundling Hospital which is now The Foundling  museum.


Looks a really interesting Museum but that glass panel made it hard to get a decent photo, sorry again.

"What the Dickens its the Charles Dickens Museum"  I said that on Twitter on Saturday to mark the arrival of Museum Marathon at the Charles Dickens Museum.  But I've been living a lie and must come clean. "What the Dickens isn't connected with Charles Dickens at all

So to take your mind off my treachery here is a photo of the Charles Dickens Museum and we will move swiftly on.



We did in fact move Swiftly on to the John Soane's Museum. Legend has it that the ghost of John Soane sometimes dresses up as a security guard and can be seen peering disapprovingly out of the window,  but we didn't see anyone.


On next to the Hunterian Museum.  Careful now, it was the Hunterian Museum at Lincoln's Inn Field in London, not the Hunterian Museum in Glasgow that would have been too far. This was explained to us by The Assitant Curator Krissten Hussey who used to work at the Science Museum and is one half of the Ministry of Curiosity  @CuriosityTweet

Here is Kristen telling us all about the Hunterian Museum


This isn't a Museum or a gallery its Bush House.  This is where the BBC World Service Lived until Marconi invented radio waves and all the programs they had been recording began to leak away.


Finally on 12th July 2012 all the radio waves had escaped to Salford and BBC left Bush house. But no time for sentiment when there are Museums to visit.

I've been to Somerset house before but I didn't realise that is where  the Courtauld Gallery is situated.

The Courtauld Gallery is one of the finest small art museums in the world ( It says on the website. )  It also has a cafe open to all.  I hope the gallery is nicer looking than the Cafe, I will give it the benefit of the doubt.


We didn't have time to try out the Cafe.  This brings to end  episode four with the evil empire defeated, it was time for the Rebel Alliance to celebrate and its time for you to donate to the Museum Marathon Just Giving Page 




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