Making a round thing

I have just uploaded my first two videos to youtube ever, talk about late to the party. They can be found here and here .

So I’m no Steven Spielberg and those spheres projected on to a flat wall aren’t cutting edge Projection mapping but I was really please to do them.

It was done for The Life Game . Which was held at the museum over the weekend. I was asked to come up with some way of displaying photos of small paper ‘pals’ that the participants had drawn on to, in a  interesting way.  First thought was to look into some kind of existing photo gallery software, either a flickr or Google Chrome plugin. But there wasn’t anything that seemed suitable.

While riding my bike home one day I remembered that I had been playing with some webGL stuff earlier on in the year so thought of trying that then wondered if it would be easier to do in processing. I find that i come up with ideas when i’m on bike, there and in the shower.

Turns out it is Really easy to do. I installed Shapes 3D and an example file that had a rotating sphere in it, cut out everything except the bare essential and then went through the remaining code to fully understand what was happening.

Adding in some obligatory photos of kittens to test the image on the sphere and it was good to go.  That whole process took around 15 minutes.  Everything after that was tweaking to get the sphere the correct size for the screen.

So this weekend I spent taking photos of the pals, pasting them onto a large image and then re-compiling the processing sketch with the update image every so often to see the population grow over the weekend.  The 2 videos were taken after the first day. Unfortunately I forgot to take any at the end of the second day as I wanted to pack up and get off home quickly.

There was some good feedback about the globe,especially after the 1st day when i changed the background to black which made it stand out better.

So things I learned.

Using processsing for 3D

simple manipulation of layers in photoshop.

Getting my head around photoshop was useful as I discovered it is       possible to create an MP4 movie by putting layers into an animation which came in handy to sort out something else, but that is a story for another blog post.

This was also the first time that I have ever shown something in public that was my work, probably 18 months ago i would have been nervous to  put something like that onto the internet that does afford a certain amount anonymity let alone sit next to a computer telling people that i made that, so winning there.

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