known unknowns

Yeah my Super Simple Weather App is now live on the Play account. Its very much in Beta at the moment, but not using the Play Developer Beta system I’m quite happy for anyone to download it and didn’t want to mess around managing groups and invites to test.

As long as people are aware that it is a Beta App and not to expect too much from it then i’m quite happy for anyone to try it.

If you look at the screen shots and also in the description there is a very obvious bug, the weather is showing as ‘unknown’ .I’m no Meteorologist but i’m pretty sure there is no such weather condition as unknown.

When I 1st saw this I was looking at it on my phone,so thought it may be a problem with that but then also saw the problem on my laptop.  I thought it was odd because I was pretty sure that nothing I was doing would give a response of ‘unknown’ so it had to be coming from Yahoo.

Looking at the Yahoo Developer forum There is a reply that simply says there is no data from Yahoo partners.

Something else I noticed was that this error mainly happens at night,as though Yahoo weather partners just can’t be bothered to look out of the window at night.

In the Short time I’m going to add in client caching for the weather conditions. This is so if the condition is unknown it can revert to the last known good condition and also to cut down on the number of server requests.  There isn’t a limit on the number of requests that can be made to the Weather API but the location API that returns the WOEID which is then fed to the Weather API is limited to 2000 hits per day.

In the long term I have been thinking of a different way to get the weather data to replace or complement the Yahoo data but will put that into another post, but for now I will leave you with some more known unknowns

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