episode 5 - Its Alive

Something magnificent happened at The Museum of London.  We were given Mince Pies. By now our feet were aching and tiredness was setting in so this was really nice.  All they asked was that they take our photo in front of their lovely large Christmas Tree.  I think that must be what it is like being famous. MuseumOfLondon   The Museum saw us all back  in one big group, we had become separated after the British Library so it was nice to be all together again. After the Mince pies at the Museum of London we went down a very squeaky escalator and on to the Guildhall Library, City Business Library and Clockmakers Museum IMG_20131207_144253 Right to the Bank of England Museum.  This is where they keep all the change that falls down the back of the settee and is never seen again.  But like a lot of banks they were closed on a saturday. IMG_20131207_145112     After the Big money bank of England we kept heading East and made it to what was the smallest but museum but with the loveliest welcome.  The museum of Immigration and Diversity isn't actually open at the moment but that didn't stop them from being there to provide a very refreshing glass of water and tasty Bangladeshi sweets. IMG_20131207_151205   Another of my rubbish photos, but you get the idea.  And that rounds up Stage 5 of the Museum Marathon.  As is normal now can I urge you to make your way to the Museum Marathon Just Giving Page and then come back soon for the climax of this fantastic journey across London.

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