Charging my clothes.

These are my devices.  I own a Android phone,  a DAB radio, a 1st generation iPod, a Android Nexus Tablet and a Macbook Pro.

Devices I Own

These are my clothes, a mix of Shirts, T-Shirts, Jumbers, Skirts, jeans and trousers, and a couple of dresses.

Clothes in Wardrobe

There are a lot more clothes than electronic devices. Even if only half of my clothes had some sort of technology in it that needed a battery and required charging that is still a lot of charing needed.

I'm going to throw this out as an idea.  Make the Clothes rail and hangers act as chargers.

Have two strips running the length of the the that are 5V and 0V respectivley.  In each hanger have corresponding metal pads in the hook part of the hanger.

At the points that the clothes touch the hanger also have metal pads and in the garment have a conductive pads that are connected to the battery and chardging circuitry.


Something a bit like this

Charging hanger

I reckon I could raise $50K on Kickstarter with that idea or just take the battery out and plug it into a charger, probably  a lot easier.


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