Busy doing nothing

There has been a delay with the delivery of my AdaFruit Flora kit, looks like it was a problem with the couriers as it is being shipped from the States.

All being well it should arrive with me on Monday so starting to get properly excited about it.  Just because I haven’t had the kit doesn’t mean I haven’t been able to make some progress on the project.  Have already wirtten a couple of blog posts Here and Here .

There are some things I need to do this weekend. First of all buy a couple of nice but cheap long sleeved tops. Hopefully  only need one,but will be nice to have a spare and colour choice.

Buy some Sugru, will explain in a second.

Order some multiplexer chips.  I’m going to be needing a lot more LEDs than the AdaFruit Flora can control individually so multiplexer chips will be required. This will needs to be fixed close the the LEDs to minimise the number of wires/thread needed.  The Sugru will be used to protect the chips.

I’m going to be using a colour sensor.  I want to test it on lots of different colours in something approaching a controlled way. Will visit a DIY store and pick up a load of those paint  colour cards.

So busy weekend doing nothing

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