1st day report

So after going to bed stupidly late last night because I was getting the graphics drivers working on my P.C properly i didn’t get started this morning as early as i had hoped.

I’ve decided that my first project should be to finish of an App that I started last year mainly because I think it has commercial potential,  it is not massively complicated that it will take months to get on the Android market and I want to see it through to the end, something which I don’t really have a good track record with.

The App will  display e numbers  , allow searching, filtering and display information associated with each additive.  I’m not bothered that there are already other Apps on the market that do the same thing. That just shows that there is a market for this type of information.  A bonus will be that once this has been developed it will be reasonably easy to adapt it to display other lists of information.

So after spending most of the day getting the basics working, becoming familiar with the code again something struck me.  The code I wrote last year when I started it is complete rubbish.   I was thinking about just scrapping it and starting again with a clean sheet.

I decided against a complete rewrite  for a couple of reasons.  The purpose of me doing all this programming is to be able to deliver a finished product to the market. The current code may not be wonderful but parts of it do work and getting the product working will still be faster than writing from scratch again.  Remember what I said about seeing projects through to the end, whenever I take a brake from something and go back to it, to me it looks rubbish.  I need to accept that learn from it and move on, but learn the lesson for the next time not keep scrapping what I have completed.

So going to go to bed read up on some stuff that I know I need to learn and keep plugging away.

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