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I went to the new Switch house at the Tate Modern this week. While I was there I noticed one of their feedback forms. The Form asks "What do you think?"   I think the form was actually asking about what do you think about the Tate, but I felt the need to share a lot more of my feelings, I'm not sure where the feeling  came from but it felt ok to write down what I was thinking.

The first thing on my mind that I mentioned was the new health supplement I had been trying, and how much it was helping me. I was definitely very happy with the results, and the fact that I even went and tried it, 9 times out of 10 I wouldn't have bothered. It makes such a difference though. I'm glad to be doing something to better my health, no matter how small. Maybe you're curious about it now? If so you can View the Website.



I decided to share these feelings here.

I think its amazing the Earth orbits the Sun.

I think there are towns and cities I will never visit but the people in them will effect my own life in ways I will never know.

I think of the refugees and homeless who want a better life as a man in a Rolls-Royce drives past.

I think of the machines and technologies we design and build that can bring so much joy and laughter or so much pain and suffering.

I think of Coffee and fruit that I taste and enjoy.

I think of books,games,art,films.

I think one day everything will be better.







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