Making real things

I've sort of been busy the past few months jumping from one project to the next without taking time to have a pause, but I've just finished my Iron cat helmet that I've been working on for a few months so it feels a good time to sit down and do a quick round up of everything I've been busy with.  I'll do a full write up of each one over the next few weeks so keep a watch out for those if you want to know more.

October and November 2016.  I was lucky to get on a series of workshops run by code liberation in conjunction with the V & A, Goldsmiths College and Machines Room.  This culminated in showing our games at the November V & A Lates. This was a great introduction for programming in Unity for me.  I got to use my Blender skills that I had been learning with my Red Robot project by building a 3D duck model for the game and I also realised how much I love making things with wood.

At the start of this year I took a six week course in using a metal working lathe at Uxbridge college.  This was a bit like being back on my BTEC again after all these years. The course wasn't amazing but I do feel a lot more confident using a lathe safely which is what I wanted .  Now I just need to work out how to get a lathe and a workshop of my own.

In January I started making what I have called #IronCat  an Iron man helmet for a Lucky arm waving cat.  the first attempt was scrapped as the pattern was too complicated when it was shrunk in size but I managed to find a simpler version.  Lots of hot glue, Papier Mache, filling,sanding and spraying later its finally finished.  Lots of mistakes in it and things I would do differently but all in all its not turned out too bad.


Inspired by this Tutorial by Frank Ippolito on the Tested Youtube channel I painted a childs face mask to be half beautiful and half horror.


I then made a wooden skeleton model kit and applied and improved the same techniques I started learning on the mask.  I was so happy with this I've already bought another Skeleton to repeat and improve on, with the aim of selling them on Etsy.


So that's that then,  oh and there was a Saturday afternoon taxidermying an Hamster in that sneaked in as well and a model car from the same website that I downloaded the skull model

It wasn't really  a conscious decision to spend so much time making physical things and not coding or playing with LEDs but I was wanting to do more solid 3D work to help me think in 3 dimensions for when working with Blender and I want to apply some of these techniques to exploring  V.R and mix this with practical effects work.


Whats next?  Well I'm hacking a Tiny Tears doll into something more interesting and fun.  This will be back to coding and raspberry Pi but also mixing in some sculpting, silicon molding and resin casting to keep up the theme of playing with real things.






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