Making a Twitter Art

I make lots of things, If you want you can have a look at the ones i've wrote about on this blog now that i've organised them all onto one page at 

Some of them are for a real good cause like the little boat, I made for Oceans Project . Others are to learn about something new like the Unofficial guide to the Natural History Museum

Sometimes I just want to make things that don't exist  or turn a tweet into something real  and sometimes I just want to make statues fart 

What i've never called any of the things I make is art, to me all the things I've made are just things i've made. But my latest project I think it is art simply because I can't think of anything else it could be.

When I was working on the Tweeting Satellite  project for work last year i became fascinated with twitter bots and how metronomic they are,  sending out tweets regularly, not needing something funny to happen to them on the way to work or to be frustrated that the milk in the fridge has gone off for them to tweet.  The Tweeting Satellite was only a short project but I wanted to create something whose entire point was that it would tweet regularly for a long time.

Its taken a while since I wrote it but @ColoursAll is now live, it will tweet every hex colour from 0x000000 to 0xFFFFFF in order. The reason its taken so long is that rather than just sign up to an hosting service I wanted it to actually physically exist.  For this I took advantage of Colocker offering a free hosting to a Raspberry Pi for members of London Hackspace.  This was most of the delay, getting around to setting up the Raspberry Pi.

At around  the same time as writing @ColoursAll I wrote @TickTockBot which ran over New Years Eve.  I always find New year a bit strange, its seems such an arbitary celebration that I don't understand  and every year now I just tend to hide under my duvet. @TickTockBot was my way of dealing with it last year.

Anyway @ColoursAll is running and is due to complete in approximately 1915 years time.   It feels odd making something that has the potential to last so long. I'm guessing that in actual fact it won't last that long. Something will happen  first. Twitter will shut down,Colocker will shut down or the world will just end.

I should probably have  put a message to be tweeted at the end but I haven't, or have I?  You'll just have to wait and see.

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