Making a small boat

Last year I volunteered at the first Technopop festival in East London for three weekends.  The first two weekends was helping teach kids to program in Scratch and build and program Robots.  On the last of these weekends I was stood next to a boat,  that might sound boring but its not just any boat.


The boat in question belongs to Sarah Weldon of Oceans Project, Sarah is aiming to row around the U.K a challenge named The Great British Viking Quest  As well as rowing around the coast of the U.K Sarah will be documenting her progress with wearable technologies and using an online learning platform to communicate STEM (Science,Technology,Engineering and Maths) subjects to students all around the world.



All the time Sarah will be collecting data as part of her PhD research into 'effects of calorific stress on the neuro-cognitive performance on ocean rowers'.

It was really cool to talk to Sarah at Technopop festival and find out all about the rowing.   I really liked the technology aspect to the expedition and was  impressed by all the planing and preparation she has to do for the trip.

Skipping  forward a few months I have started to become interested in paper model making and am trying to build a model McLaren P1 Car from a kit .  Lets say its going quite badly at the moment.  I've already scrapped the first two versions of it so decided to take a break before trying again.  But had become interested in the process of turning a 3D model into a Papercraft version.  Also wanting to learn how to use Blender  to create 3D models,knowing that Sarah had just launched her Kickstarter to raise the funds for the expedition and wanting to support her  I had an idea.  I would make a Papercraft model of her boat.

Creating the model in Blender wasn't too hard.  There are a few ways of doing it but by far the simplest is to start off with a cube and then stretch,extrude and add faces and edges as needed.  Its not perfect replica but I didn't want to make it too complex knowing that it would be being turned into a paper model, so wanted to keep it nice and simple.

When it came to turning the 3D model into a paper model I knew of  PepaKura would do the job but thats Windows only and I use a Mac.  Fortunately while learning Blender I found the plug in system so wondered if there was a plug in that would do the same  and there is 

After exporting the model to create the Paper mesh I used Illustrator to scale it up and then split into three pieces to make it a decent size and fit onto a single A4 piece of paper.

It took about three prototypes altering the tabs and tidying up a few details before I was happy with it and send to Sarah.



The model is now available on the Oceans Project Website   Why don't you download one, make it and decorate and send the results to Oceans Project.

It would be great if you too supported The Great British Vikings Quest by backing the  Kickstarter for the project.




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