Making A Nothing - The story of two Twitter bots

Making nothing is just sitting around not doing anything, but making A Nothing is making something that has no content.  While developing the twitter bot @X3Prospero I become fascinated with twitter bots, not just the types and variety and content of them but how their continous metronomic beat of  their function, sending out messages repeatedly, never stopping or resting or needing any user input.

Yes there are ones that are intermittent and maybe linked to physical phenomena,data feed or  machines but these don't  have the same fascination to me. What fascinated me was that the operation of the twitter bot was more the message than the content it carried.

just after Christmas I decided to start experimenting with this thought and have developed two twitter bots so far.  The first one @ColoursAll  is a bot that will tweet every colour represented by the RGB colour model from 0x000000 (Black) to 0xFFFFFF (White). The code is finished but I'm just sorting out hosting for it, should be up and running in about a week.

Yesterday I visited the Whitechapel Gallery and saw David Batchelor  exhibtion  He has taken five hundred photographs of white squares and rectangles in cities around the world.  Seeing the projections of the squares quickly cycle through, the background changing but always a white rectangle in the centre of the screen made me think abut making a twitter bot that had even less content in it than @ColoursAll but went through the most limited content I could think of with that same beat.

Last night I ran @TickTockBot for just over one hour, its tweets were either the word 'tick' or 'tock' followed by an ascending count.  The count was only their because twitter doesn't allow duplicate tweets. After two hundred and ninety three tweets it stopped. The bot hit the limit imposed by twitter.


The code for @AllColours is on Github

The Storify of the @ticktockbot is here 



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