Making a Game

For the last eleven weeks i've been taking a online course introduction to programming for the visual arts with p5 js .P5 is a  Javascript library that makes creating art and interactive web experiences simple and accessible. I want to creat a game because I love videogames so much, my favorite videogame is LOL.

As well as introducing P5 the course has looked at different aspects of art created through software and shown historical examples to put the course into a wider context.

The last assignment was to write a simple game.  P5 isn't really intended for writing games but the course has covered enough to make a simple game possible.

I'm actually pleased with the outcome of my game and have had some good and positive feedback from my course mates.  Its not fully polished and finished but has the basic mechanic of the game.  It took me around seven hours on Sunday starting from scratch.

I'll probably update a few things and get it working on mobile devices. I've not tested it yet but think the canvas size might be a problem.

It doesn't have a proper name yet, the best i've got at the moment is Super Circle Colour match. It can be played at Super Circle Colour Match.

I've noticed it runs faster on Chrome making it harder than it does on Firefox, so thats a tip if you aren't good at this sort of thing like me.

Anyway have fun and let me know what you think,either in the comments or on Twitter 

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