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Poking Mangoes

It seem like half the world has gone Pokemon Go crazy. The rest of the world has just gone stupid.

In silly times like this I like to make daft things.  Mostly inspired by this

And it turns out lots of people are using the #pokemango hashtag.

I decided that Pokemango should be a real thing, because that's the sort of thing I do.  Remember I made Farting statues, this is the level I work at.

Pokemango logo


A few  technical details you might be interested in.

Its built in HTML/Javascript/CSS.

The animation of the mango is CSS. I was only going to have a single version of the animation but triggering the same animation twice in the two different CSS classes didn't seem to work. I might have a look at why that is, but having two separate animations is nicer anyway.

It could have been done in just CSS if it was intended only to work on desktop browsers and be triggered by mouse hover over the mango but it felt that to poke a mango needed a definite click and not just a hover. And i don't think that would have worked on mobile browsers any way.

Its a responsive web page so should work on both mobile and desktop browsers.

I haven't used any browser specific CSS prefixes. Its been tested on Chrome/Firefox/Safari on a mac and Chrome on a Android tablet. I haven't tested it on a iOS device because I don't have one. If it doesn't work on one of those happy to make any changes if needed. Its not tested on internet explorer because frankly i couldn't care less about that browser.

The Sentence 'Poke the mango, go on poke it'  is a web font.  I thought as though i was doing lots of other CSS I might as well throw that in there as well.

The code is up on github if that sort of thing interests you, of course its all in the web page so you can look at it on there as well.

Any way it can be found at have fun.

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Real Cloud Storage

A few days ago I twittered the tweet above, or is it tweeted the tweet? I don't know, anyway it doesn't matter. What does matter is that is the odd sort of thought that goes through my head. Wouldn't it be interesting to send digital data to the clouds. Both the data in our computer and the clouds in the sky are both somehow ephemeral and yet long lived . We see the data only because it is represented on our screens by glowing pixels,turned on or off. That data could have been around for months or years. Data we think can easily be deleted may be out of our control stored in far off servers, the cloud.
The water vapour that forms the clouds changes form all the time, falling as rain into the seas and oceans, flowing through rivers and streams. The clouds may last only a few seconds the water lives on.

A few month ago the Daily mail published an article trying to explain the leak of snapchat data. And in the article they used the explanation that 'the cloud' is 'not an actual cloud' Don't worry that's not a link to the Dail Mail.

But what if it was possible to store data in the clouds? Why shouldn't it be. Not having to rely on energy hungry data centres, never knowing if our data is safe or not, not having the worry of not knowing who might have unauthorised access to our private photos or documents would be great.

So I propose the following idea, its beta at the moment.

The Cloud making machine would be something like this:

The arduino would take the data from the computer and control a fan to send long and short pulses of clouds out of the machine. I was thinking of Morse code as it is easily encoded and would be suitable for the low bandwidth.

Reading the data back from the cloud may be difficult, but hey at least its secure.

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Stupid wearable idea of the day - distance sensing headphone band

It happens all the time, people walk around with their heads down looking at their phones,oblivious to the world around them.  If you aren't looking at your phone you have to watch out for people headed straight for you and get out of there way.

What about this for an idea.  Mount a distance  sensor (ultrasonic,infra-red or similar) and camera to the top of the headphone band. Point it at approx 45 degrees so when the head is tilted down it will be pointing straight forwards.   When it detects a obstacle it can make the phone vibrate and swap the display to the camera image.




Pretty sure this will be worth a few million of venture capital money in silicon valley but it is a stupid idea and you saw it here first

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Odd signs or my odd thoughts

Sometimes I like to walk around London just looking at things. Its an amazing place, there are people from all over the world. Some of the buildings are brand new,some hundreds of years old.  I like the slightly quirky things, the things that area little odd. These three signs I saw recently in different places are all examples of words that aren't quite right or could be interpreted in different ways.  Maybe they are odd or maybe its just me that looks at them and has odd thoughts.

Anyway here they are,make up your own mind.


I don't understand how to use this door. It has to be kept shut when it is used
I've never thought of a Plaice as stunning before
Warning of minimum Card value and the Social media



I'm an Adult I can play on the scaffolding



And in case you were wondering what a Plaice looks like here is a photo of one


a Plaice
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Daft wearable idea of the day

It is a universally acknowledged fact that people on Yahoo answers ask some stupid questions.

Is someone talking about you when your ears go hot and red?

Of  course your ears don't have some sort of supernatural, psychic, spidey sense powers.   For some reason the saying about your ears going hot when someone talked about you popped into my head today, so I thought up the idea of hot earrings.




Sorry for the crap drawing,  ears are really difficult.

Basically the idea is a bluetooth  earring with a heating coil so whenever you are mentioned on twitter,facebook etc your ears get hot  to notify you that you are being talked about.

Not put any thought into the practicalities of the heating coil, bluetooth electronics or power.  Just wanted to note down my idea before it got forgotten.







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New MacPro will ship soon in new Colour: iBlack

Insider sources close to Apple have confirmed that the new MacPro will be shipping in a brand new shade of black. 

Until now it was assumed that the of black was the same as the black  that previously used in both models of the iPhone and the earlier black Macbooks.

it is thought the iBlack has been in development for several years but it is only now that the Chinese factories have been able to reliably produce the iBlack in volume.

No further details are known about iBlack at this time but it is rumoured to make Mac Pro owners at least 10% more cool yet only 3% more smug.

Apple declined to comment at this time.

Mac Pro




OK, got to admit it.  the first part of this post is entirely made up.

 I have no idea if there is anything special about the colour the new Mac Pro will be available in, I seriously doubt it. 

I wanted to write this blog post to illustrate something that has been bugging me for a while now, that a lot of so called technology news stories on blogs and news sites are just fluff.

My entirely fictitious Mac Pro story is not too dissimilar to this story about the colours of the upcoming Samsung Watch  or the possibility that the next iPhone will be available in Graphite

Many stories that a posted as technology are really business or politics, entertainment or fashion  or  just plain  general interest.  I’m not saying they shouldn’t be reported but don’t pretend they are about the technology. 

Technology is all around us and plays a large part in all our lives.    There are a lot of people developing genuinely innovative products and solving problems in interesting and creative ways.  Its these stories I want to see posted mainstream technology websites to bring them to a wider audience not how many followers Justin Bieber has 


Sloths that look like Victoria Coren

Sloths that look like Victoria Coren, a little bit