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Museum Marathon

Museum Marathon - Stage six, thats that then

This is it, the sixth and final instalment of the mighty quest that was the inaugural Museum Marathon.  We left 19 Princelet street much cheered and ready to take on the last stage.  Heading south down Brick lane,famous for its curry houses says Wikipedia. Then turning onto Whitechapel Road past the Whitechapel Gallery.  I went to the Sarah Lucas exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery a few weeks ago.  It has a lot of Cock and toilets, if you like Cock or toilets you might like the exhibition otherwise i'd give it a miss.

The light was beginning to fade as we passed The Tower of London and headed over Tower bridge taking in the aromas of London's fine chocolate peanut vendors.



We had to take a bit of a diversion to get to the Design Museum but the chance to have a sit down on the bench was worth it.



Not far now.  Past HMS Belfast ( No photo, its a big grey boat with guns  on the Thames, you can't miss it )

And this is it our final destination Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.



There wasn't any medals or those silver foil capes but we did go to the pub which was nice.

So as is now traditional and for one last time.  I would like to remind you that twenty five or so people walked 16 miles ish and took in somewhere between 26 and 30 museums ( The museum of maths and accuracy wasn't one of them) to raise money for Guide Dogs for the Blind.  So a few pounds donated at the Just Giving page would be Amazing,Lovely and splendid you lovely people.


Museum Marathon

episode 5 - Its Alive

Something magnificent happened at The Museum of London.  We were given Mince Pies. By now our feet were aching and tiredness was setting in so this was really nice.  All they asked was that they take our photo in front of their lovely large Christmas Tree.  I think that must be what it is like being famous. MuseumOfLondon   The Museum saw us all back  in one big group, we had become separated after the British Library so it was nice to be all together again. After the Mince pies at the Museum of London we went down a very squeaky escalator and on to the Guildhall Library, City Business Library and Clockmakers Museum IMG_20131207_144253 Right to the Bank of England Museum.  This is where they keep all the change that falls down the back of the settee and is never seen again.  But like a lot of banks they were closed on a saturday. IMG_20131207_145112     After the Big money bank of England we kept heading East and made it to what was the smallest but museum but with the loveliest welcome.  The museum of Immigration and Diversity isn't actually open at the moment but that didn't stop them from being there to provide a very refreshing glass of water and tasty Bangladeshi sweets. IMG_20131207_151205   Another of my rubbish photos, but you get the idea.  And that rounds up Stage 5 of the Museum Marathon.  As is normal now can I urge you to make your way to the Museum Marathon Just Giving Page and then come back soon for the climax of this fantastic journey across London.

Museum Marathon

Museum Marathon - Episode iv a New Hope

If you ever wondered what the philanthropist Thomas Coram, the artist William Hogarth and the composer George Frideric Handel have in common its the Foundling Hospital which is now The Foundling  museum.


Looks a really interesting Museum but that glass panel made it hard to get a decent photo, sorry again.

"What the Dickens its the Charles Dickens Museum"  I said that on Twitter on Saturday to mark the arrival of Museum Marathon at the Charles Dickens Museum.  But I've been living a lie and must come clean. "What the Dickens isn't connected with Charles Dickens at all

So to take your mind off my treachery here is a photo of the Charles Dickens Museum and we will move swiftly on.



We did in fact move Swiftly on to the John Soane's Museum. Legend has it that the ghost of John Soane sometimes dresses up as a security guard and can be seen peering disapprovingly out of the window,  but we didn't see anyone.


On next to the Hunterian Museum.  Careful now, it was the Hunterian Museum at Lincoln's Inn Field in London, not the Hunterian Museum in Glasgow that would have been too far. This was explained to us by The Assitant Curator Krissten Hussey who used to work at the Science Museum and is one half of the Ministry of Curiosity  @CuriosityTweet

Here is Kristen telling us all about the Hunterian Museum


This isn't a Museum or a gallery its Bush House.  This is where the BBC World Service Lived until Marconi invented radio waves and all the programs they had been recording began to leak away.


Finally on 12th July 2012 all the radio waves had escaped to Salford and BBC left Bush house. But no time for sentiment when there are Museums to visit.

I've been to Somerset house before but I didn't realise that is where  the Courtauld Gallery is situated.

The Courtauld Gallery is one of the finest small art museums in the world ( It says on the website. )  It also has a cafe open to all.  I hope the gallery is nicer looking than the Cafe, I will give it the benefit of the doubt.


We didn't have time to try out the Cafe.  This brings to end  episode four with the evil empire defeated, it was time for the Rebel Alliance to celebrate and its time for you to donate to the Museum Marathon Just Giving Page 




Museum Marathon

Museum Marathon Part 3 - British Start to Finish

Last weekend was the Centenary of the first Suffragette March.  I know this because we had a Genuine suffragette Marching with us, which seemed to scare the British Museum  Security Staff a little. But no matter we had Cake thanks to David Mentipily's mum.

IMG_20131207_113615That is the Lovely Diana Pitchers. If you want to know why she dressed up read her blog post about the Museum Marathon 

And onwards to the Brunei SOAS gallery



Sorry about the Dull photo of the Brunei SOAS gallery. it gets even worse at the Grant Museum of Zoology, I didn't take any photos at all. So here is a photo of the @glassJarOfMoles that reside there



Back to the Dull photos. Here is a dull photo of the Wellcome Collection


The Wellcome Collection has awesome events and exhibitons so make sure you go there some time.

And to the British Library to see the World renowned Plastic Sheep.


No I don't know why there are plastic sheep grazing on artificial grass either.

But I can reveal I had a Ploughmans Sandwhich for my Lunch and that there were over 850 Guide Dog partnerships trained in 2012.  If you want to contribute donate to the Museum Marathon Just Giving Page 


Museum Marathon

Museum Marathon Stage 2 - From Horses to Egyptian mummies

Next stop after the Household Cavalry Museum was Benjamin Franklin House. 


Benjamin Franklin invented America, Electricity and the Glass Harmonica.  If you want to see a Glass Harmonica there is one on display in the New Science Museum exhibition Mind Maps: Stories from Psychology opening today.

A North Easterly jaunt took us to the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden. My favourite book when I was  little was Tootles the Taxi.  We didn't have time to stop to say hello to Tootles and his Friends more museums were calling



It was here that were running an obstacle course to raise money for Cancer Research. Didn't have chance to say hello but I did buy a badge to support them.

On our way to the Library and Museum of Freemasonry we had a sample of Pizza and were swore at by an angry old man. Aaarh the Highs and lows of Museum marathoning.



From the Freemasonry Museum the next stop was the British museum of course.   Well not actually. A museum Marathon wouldn't be complete with out a walk down museum street



And it was on here we discovered our bonus Museum The Cartoon Museum.



Right now its the British museum



Before the Next Stage where I reveal What I had for lunch i'll leave you with this teaser question.  How many guide dogs partnerships did Guide dogs for the blind train in 2012?

If you want to find out the answer to that and my sandwich choice you should totally donate to the Museum Marathon just giving page 


Museum Marathon

My Museum Marathon. a blog post in 6 stages, just like the marathon.

In a museum a great deal of time is spent researching the text that goes on the labels and panels to make sure it is accurate,informative and interesting, without being too long winded.

But this isn’t a museum label its my blog post about museum Marathon, A whistle stop visit to 27 Museums, walking 16 miles with quite a few lovers of museums all in a good cause to raise money for Guide Dogs for the Blind.

I don’t have time for accuracy and fact checking, most of this will be made up and probably not true, a bit like that Radio 4 panel game, err what its called?  Gardeners question time i think. Right lets crack on.

We met at 10:00am at the V & A .  The V & A was named after the Queens favourite corgis Victoria and Adam during Prince Charles’s Spice girls phase.


Guide dog badges and masks  were handed out and everyone was issued with a route in case they became lost and disoriented on the mean streets of Westminster, and off we set.

Second Museum Natural History Museum


This is where the real  Natural History is kept unlike the which is made up nonsense.  If you do go to the NHM make sure you ask the Staff to show you their Brontosaurus collection and don’t take any excuse that their is no such thing as a Brontosaurus

A hop skip and a jump northwards we reached the Science Museum.

IMG_20131207_102256 The Science Museum was founded in 1964 as a place for Peter Higgs to store his Bosons and other trinkets.  These Were finally put on Display in the Amazing Collider exhibition of 2013.

Turning right into Diagon alley or Unamed road as our directions officially called it we were  soon past Harrods of Knightsbridge and were heading east towards Churchill War rooms


and then to  Horseguards parade for the Household Cavalry Museum.


And that completed Stage one.  Stage two coming soon.  But a quick reminder the full lifetime cost of a guide dog from birth to retirement is £48,500.  a Donation to the Museum Marathon just giving page  would be amazing , thank you.